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The Slender Game

"C'mon, play the game, its just a game, nothing will happen to you...."
Summer finally came! Even though I live in Oregon, and its still cold and damp, its nice to have some little sun every once in a while. As I walk out of my home to see my friends near Woodmancy Park.
Hi, my name is Jon Low, I am a normal 19 year old boy with friends and a huge imagination, my friends tend to tell me that I am a wuss and all, but I consider myself brave and strong to prove them wrong.  As I continue riding my bike to the park, I can see my friends in the distance.  I see Kenny, Melanie, Nichole with Kyle standing next to her, and someone else, as I get closer, I see the other person to be Lianna, my girlfriend, who is visiting me from California.  I cannot wait to start this day!
As we walked through the woods, holding Lianna close to me, I can't help to feel something was following us, or well, following me at least.  At first I thought it was Kenny just fucking around trying to scare me and the others but it isnt going to work.  I was snapped back into reality when Lianna gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek, as I kiss her back.  I eventually just got over the feeling of being watched in time.
Im back at my old house, unfortunately, I cant have any friends over, so we just chat on skype all the time.  Then I started to watch some hilarious videos on the website, until I noticed someone playing a game called: "Slender"  For some reason, when I read the title of the game, I froze completely, it felt like I had arms wrapped around me and just wouldn't let me move, I eventually started to gain control of my limbs and just quietly returned to the computer to do more research on this game.
"Slenderman....."  I said to myself.  I have heard about this creepypasta in the past, but it never really scared me that much, I just found it a myth really, just a bunch of bullshit to scare people.  Still feeling a chill down my spine, I decided it was time for me to head to bed.
Finally, morning came.  I had a hard time sleeping last night, I just kept feeling like someone had their hands around my throat, causing me to have hard breathing.  The dream I had last night didn't help ethier.  I was in the woods, I couldnt really see anything, it was dark, the only things are the tall trees around me.  Oregon has a bunch of trees everywhere so this isnt new to me, but what started to freak me out was the noises I was hearing....the noises sounded really sounds like....whispering?  Like someone is trying to whisper in my ear.
i ended up falling over the side of my bed, my ears ringing from the sudden blast in my ears. "What the fuck was that?!"  It sounded like static on my tv during a storm, damn that hurt like hell.  Shaking off the dream, I decided to go back onto my computer and talk to my friends again.  They all seemed to be really interested in the game I was looking up earlier: "Slender"  Kenny started joking around saying I was too chicken to look up the game and play it. To prove Kenny wrong, I decided to download the game and start playing it, not knowing the consequences.
The game finally downloaded, I waited till nightfall to play it, cause it would show how brave I was to my friends, and Lianna.  The game started as I see the name "Slender" move across the screen.  I don't know why but my stomach started to ache when I saw that name, and my minds were starting to play tricks on me, in the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a figure of a man, but when I turned, there was nothing there.  I shrugged it off and started playing the game.
I didn't know much about this game, all I knew is that you just had to find 8 pages from some childrens notebook before Slenderman gets you.  I started moving forward, having no idea where to go.  After a few minutes, I finally ran across a page, when I looked closer at it, it had a drawing of a tall man, surrounded by trees I think?  surrounded by a bunch of "No"  I took the page, and continued on my game.  The music started to get louder and more intense, I sometimes have a sudden urge to turn around, but if you turn around, he will get closer, so I tried my best not to turn.
Nerves are starting to get to me, I try to run, to find as many pages as I can, for some reason, this game is starting to make me sweat a bit, I dont know why im getting so scared from a game, it wont hurt me, its just pixels, it wont hurt me.  As I grabbed my 3rd page, I accedently turned to see the Slenderman behind me, I screamed and accedently closed out of the game pressing the ESCAPE button.
"Its too late now..."
I finally came back into my senses, Insulting the game many times, im just glad its all over, I never have to play this game again.  Noticing flashing on the bottom of my screen, I noticed that my friends were trying to get in contact with me with chat. I clicked onto the chat button just to see a bunch of: "LOL's" I forgot that I was streaming the friends saw everything.
After playing that horrible game I decided to just lay down and try to sleep everything off, and relax.  I close my eyes and pass out in less than a minute.
*Static* dreaming again.
I woke myself up from a massive headache, I need to learn to keep the television off at night.  When I turn to see that the tv is off, not been touched by anyone. If it wasn't the tv, I guess there might be something wrong with my ears, great.  Ill go get it checked out in the morning.  As I grab my blankets and fall back asleep. *static*
I went to the doctors the next morning, but he said there was nothing wrong with my ears, so I just blame my imagination.  Today was going to be a great day, we plan to go back to Woodmancy park and I get to be with Lianna again, I cannot wait!  
As I get onto my bike and head towards the park, I thought ive seen something deep in the trees as I ride, but I just brush it off.  As I see my friends in the distance, I jumped off my bike and gave Lianna a big hug as we continued to walk along the woods.
As my friends start making jokes about me playing the game last night, I just chuckled at their jokes and slightly pushed them away playfully.  As I notice, Lianna ran off into the woods again, she tend to do this a lot, especially when she is hyper, so I thought it was best if I ran after her and give her a surprise kiss!
I ran into the deep woods, hoping to find my girlfriend, but due to her being incredably quiet and small, she is going to be really hard to find.  I look past a few trees and bushes but shes no where to be found, so I walked deeper into the woods. "Lianna!" I called out, but no reply.  Im starting to get a sick feeling in my stomach, I cant hear anything, no birds, no twigs breaking, nothing.  I was starting to freak out a bit.  Until I saw something in the distance, a shadow of some sort?  I walk closer to the shadow, as the sick feeling in my stomach started to become incredably painful, I almost fell the to ground. "L-lianna? is that you" I coughed out.
I fell to the floor as my eardrums started to burst from the sound of incredably loud static, I grab my ears and start screaming from the pain. "STOP! STOP IT!" I dont know why I was screaming it to stop, it was just a reaction.  As I look up, I stared at a pair of shoes, my face was in the dirt due to the pain in my ears, I could barely move.  I forced my head upwards to see a tall man like figure, he was wearing some sort of he was going to a funeral.  As I look up more, I stared at his face...but..there wasnt a face, yet this thing was staring at me.  I screamed and turned to see his long arm heading right towards me and suddenly vanish.
The static stopped, the pain in my stomach started to go away, I stand up and see no one there, that THING was gone. I turn to see Lianna running towards me like nothing happened. She laughed as she hugged me close.  Still terrified of what I saw, I couldn't hug her back, I dont know what to feel.  "Jon?"  I snapped back into reality and chuckled when I saw Liannas confused face. "Are you okay?" She asked in a concerned tone.  I hugged and kissed her on the forehead and just said. "Yes im fine"
I knew my friends wouldn't believe of what I saw...even I don't believe it.  As we walk through the woods I still kept getting sudden pains in my stomach as I walk by each branch.  What did I see?!  It was tall, like 7ft at least! and those arms...they, they looked like they were touching the ground! Why was it wearing a suit...thats what i usually wear..and that didnt have a face! What...WHAT WAS IT?!  As I grabbed my head and started to randomly scream, I felt a sudden hand on my back, I turned to see it was Lianna, with a really concerned look on her face. "Jon...are you really okay?"  I turned, still having one hand on my head and nodded. "Ye-yea...just a headache"
Im finally home, thank god, I never thought I would be so happy to be home, the only thing that sucks is that im home alone, for once, i dont want to be alone. I try to calm my nerves by going back on the computer to talk to my friends again.  As our conversations started to turn to gaming, one of my friends mentioned the game "Slender" again.  Images of the Slenderman in the game started to return to me, and then I started to remember what I saw in the woods.
"Was...did....did I encounter the Slenderman?...."
I started laughing at my own words, telling myself how paranoid I am, the Slenderman is just a legend, a creepypasta, nothing more, he doesnt exist, I need to learn to calm down and just laugh at the silly things in life.  As I continued to laugh, I started to have a sick feeling in my stomach about the situation. " wouldnt hurt to do some research on him..."

"The more you know about Slenderman, the more he comes after you..."
I continued to research all that I knew of Slenderman, reading every post, every entry, every opnion, anything to learn more about him.  Apparently, he likes to hunt around wooded areas, due to his figure, he can camoflage with all of the tress surrounding him, making him look like a tree himself.  He tends to abduct children more than adults, but there has been some stories that he can abduct adults too.  He has no face, just a white head, but there were some stories that he has a hidden mouth, full of sharp teeth, people say he devours his victims. Some say he drives them into insanity, some say he just possess you, and so much more.  So many stories of the Slenderman...but nobody has survived an encounter to make a true tale...
I was able to finally fall asleep after hours of research on this guy, now I can finally rest.  As I close my eyes, my stomach started to get that sickening feeling again, but I tend to just ignore it and blame it on something I ate earlier.  But that sickening feeling started to become pain again almost as bad when I went to the woods.  I stood up and grabbed my stomach again, coughing, trying to get the pain to stop. I continued coughing until i felt liquid coming from my throat and fell to the ground in pain. I tried to scream, but it felt like there was a hand on my mouth, stopping me from screaming.  I struggled on the ground, but I feel like I cant move at all. It felt like someone was holding down my ankles and arms.  
I look up to see nothing, it was incredably dark in my room, no lights. I squinted my eyes and blinked a few more times to make out some sort of figure in front of me...but it wasnt a body, it looked like a head.  I tried to move my hand but it wouldnt move at all, I started to feel something against my wrists and ankles, like someone was holding me down.  I turn back to seeing the head figure in front of me, it started to move closer to my face.  As it got closer, my eyes have started to get a clear view of what I was seeing, it was so eyes, no mouth..I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't...Slenderman is staring at me...and hes got me pinned down..i cant move..
I felt a hand under my chin and raised it up, I see Slenderman was looking at me, tilting his head, like he was...curious? I felt sick, i felt my head drop to the ground and slammed it against the hard wood floor.  My head felt wet, im assuming i cracked my head open, i tried to look back up but it was holding my head down.  I tried to beg for mercy, but all that came out were painful grunts and coughs.  It looks back down to me and grabs my head and lifts me up with no problems at all, it was still dark, but I can still feel myself being lifted up until i cant touch the floor anymore.
It continues to stare at my face, still studying me, why does he do this? Why does he look so curious?  I tried to lift up my arms to fight back, but i still couldnt move. I dont get it, he is holding me up, with both of his hands, how can he still hold me down?  As my eyes turn towards the window, i notice the sun is starting to come up, giving me some light in my room, to witness the horror that is standing before me...
His head was white, like snow, he had no eyes and mouth, just like the website said, but behind looked...looked like tenticles? Like an octopus. I turned back to look at my arms and i see 4 black tenticles holding them in place.  I look back to it, it was still staring at me, it also noticed the sun was rising, it turned from the window, back to me and i saw the most...terrfying thing...a black started to form around its jaw area...was it...was it going to open its mouth? The line continued to form around its mouth, into a large wicked smile, then its smile, opened up to show many many extremely sharp teeth, stained red with blood of so many it did devour its victims...did that mean im next.  It opened its mouth, I closed my eyes fast, expecting to be torn to shreads.
"I will come back for you tomorrow...."
I felt myself falling against the hard floor again, being able to move all of my limbs, I crawled myself against the wall, frantically searching all around my room, noticing my head bleeding and blood coming from my mouth, I stood up and ran to the bathroom, splashing my face with water, staring at the mirror. Did I dream the whole thing? Please tell me none of that happened! But I knew it wasn't a dream, I was coated in blood, I looked at my wrists and ankles and noticed bruising. It wasn't a dream....and it said it was coming to get me tonight....
I ran to my friends, Melanie was surprised that I ran all the way to their home, despite of how far I live, but the only thing that ran through my mind was to see Lianna one last time, cause I knew there was no escape from him, I was definetely going to die tonight, and the only thing I want, is to spend the last day of my life with her.
I asked if we can go back to the park again, crazy at it may seems to go back to the park, but i just have a feeling that we should just go there, and be happy one last time.  As we arrive at the park, Lianna once again ran away from me, I was hesistant to run after her since the last incident, but now im more worried for her to run off on her own, I didnt want her to go anywhere without me.
"Come find me Jon~!"

I push all the bushes and branches away, and dug into the deep forest again, I didn't want to go any further, but I wanted to make sure she was safe. "Lianna! Where are you? We should really get back!"

"Jon! Im over here! Come find me!~"

I look to the right, the sick feeling in my stomach is happening again, but I ignored it and continued to run towards her voice, now im starting to get scared for her safety. My voice started to become more frantic as I continue to call for her. "Lianna! this isnt funny anymore, please come out!"  as I hear twigs breaking behind me.
"Hi Jon, im right here whats wrong?"

I didnt reply to her, the first thing I did was hug her tight. "Please dont leave me again, I was so worried for you."

*static*   "Oh Jon...there is nothing to worry about....."
"Li-lianna?" I look back at her, noticing her voice slightly changing, I take a good look at her and noticed that her face was pale white, and there was no shine in her was like I was looking at a....a corpse...
*Static*  "Follow me Jon....everything will be okayy..."

Before I can protest, she ran away from me again. "LIANNA WAIT!" I screamed out for her.  Something was wrong, my head is telling me to turn away now but my heart was telling me to go after her, something is wrong with her, I need to find out what.  I ran after her into the dense part of the woods, where the fog lies, this part of the woods looks more like a swamp than a park, no one really goes into this part of the park.  As I look around for her I started to hear laughter...was that Lianna laughing...or someone sounded younger...
I turn to see some shadows running through the fog, it almost looked like children playing around, but their voices sounded like static than talking.  I ran towards the laughter that I believe is Liannas laugh, as I ran through two large trees, I see Lianna leaning against one of the large trees with her shirt off.  Confused and frightned, I ran towards her and held her close. "Are you okay? Dont run away from me again!"  I took off my jacket and put it over her. I didnt care that she was half naked, even though it confused me, the only thing I needed to do was to get her out of here.
"No Jon....I wanna stay...." *static* *static*

Stunned by her words, i stupidly asked her. "Why do you want to stay?! We got to get out of her now! I know it seems confusing, but we are in a lot of danger here!" I screamed.  I looked up to notice that the fog is started to dissappear a bit, noticing something on her back.
"I wanna stay...forever...join me...Jon.."
I jump back, letting go of Lianna as I see her walking backwards, leaning against a tree, with moving branches...those...those arent branches.
"He protects us....saves us...from our suffering...come join..."
I jumped back, and noticed the tree behind her starting to move also, right behind was him looked back at Lianna as she has a wide smile on her face, her eyes were dialated, her face was completely white as she just continues to giggle. I...I dont even think shes alive...
"Jon...come with me...I love with me forever...."
I was starting to get incredably furious. I screamed at him telling him to let her go!  All he did was do a wide smile again, and dissappeared.  Dropping Lianna to the ground, lifeless.  I ran to her, crying, begging her to open her eyes, but it looked like all of her blood was drained from her body, i hold her up to me and start crying on her shoulder, noticing a lot of blood coming from her back. There was a giant gash on her back. I looked at the gash for a long controlled killed her than used her to get to me...that...bastard...
I stood up, lightly laying Liannas dead body on the ground. Im so sorry...I wasnt able to protect you...this...this is all of my so. so....sorry.  I walk up to the large tree and turn back to her body. I won't leave you here...ill come back for you...
I dont know what I was doing, there was so many things going through my head, I know there was nothing that could kill Slenderman, it was impossible to kill something that has lived for over thousands of years, but for some reason, i had to try.  i stood on top of a giant dead tree that washed up from a flood in the lake and screamed. "Come and get me you son of a bitch! Im right here! Easy prey!"
The pain in my stomach started to act up again, hes coming...I dont want to turn around, but I just can't run and hide anymore, I have to face it.  I turn around to see it standing right in front of me, staring down at me, its smile was in a wide grin, showing his blood stained teeth.  I couldn't help but to tremble at the sight, this is it, im going to die...but at least, i will be with her again...I just stood still and stared at him, as he stared back, slightly giggling at the sight of my fear.

"Well?! Whatever your going to do to me, DO IT!" I yelled at him, he is toying with me, I guess the sites were right about this too, he is the cat, and i am the mouse, hes toying with me until I cant play no more.  As I was thinking, I start to hear children giggling around me, as i see shadows of children run all around me.  Were these children his victims? Are these their souls? Why are they here? I stare back at him as he is still grinning at me, not moving at all, its like he is waiting for me to run. Im not going to run.
He continues to stand right above me, he hasn't moved in over 15 minutes, and neither have I, i started to ignore the children all around me but my legs are starting to get sore.  Is he waiting for me to look away? If I look away, is that when he will attack me? That has to be it.  I...i dont have any other choice...I have to run...

Closing my eyes, I finally turned and dashed, as I ran, i was hearing many twigs crunching behind me, he was following me, I know I can't escape, but theres no other choice is there? I continue to run until i started to see figures ahead of me, as I drew closer, i noticed it was Melanie and Nichole. "HEYYY! RUNNN! RUNNN!" i screamed to them as I draw near to them, they have to get away.
"Why are you running Jon...."

I froze in my I got closer to them, their faces were also pale white, they were grining, their smile was almost up to their ears....i didnt even think that was humanely possible...As they stepped forward to me and held out their hand.
"Its not that bad Jon...please...dont run...we will miss you...."

I fell back and run the other direction. God damnit, he got to them too...I have no one to go to, nowhere to go, im trapped.  I finally just decided to give into my fate and stop at a giant oak tree and waited...
As I see Melanie and Nichole walk up to me I notice that others are following right behind them, as I turn to the side I see more children walking to me, same on the other side, as I feel hands wrap around my shoulders from the tree, I turn to see Lianna holding me, but she had no eyes, all you see was black sockets and she was grinning up to her ears just like Melanie and Nichole.
"JON DONT YOU LOVE ME?? Come be with me FOREVER!"
I couldn't believe my so sorry....Melanie...Nichole...all of my friends...they are all dead...I didnt want this to happen...As I look up to see more kids coming up, some of my other friends who have been missing for a long time, I saw Alec, Jackson, Brian, Kenny, and he got all of them too....Theres no way out..
I turn to look back up to see him right in front of me again, still having the wide grin across his face.
*Static* *Static*
I tried closing my eyes but i couldn't, they hurt too much, from crying and from staring at him for so long, it hurt to even blink.  As I stare at him, he finally makes some movement, lifting up his long disjointed fingers and lifted up my chin at him.

"Time to go..."
Then all I remember after that is just a lot of pain, i couldnt breath.  It felt like my whole insides were on fire, I tried to lay down but I couldnt move at all, he was holding me down again.  Where was this pain coming from? I forced myself to look down to see his fingers digging into my stomach, slowly pulling out my entrails, as I feel the warmness of my blood falling from my body. "Do....*Cough* Do your...your...fucking worse..."
I dont know why I said such a stupid thing in this situation, at this point, i just wanted to die, but right after I said that, I noticed his smile to go even wider as he points his fingers to my right eye, his finger was so close, it almost looked like a dagger.  All of a sudden that one dagger went straight through my very eye, I screamed bloody murder, the pain was overwhelming, I almost ended up passing out.  He ended up digging my eye out and gave it to Melanie, as he comes back to me, laughing like mad.
I didn't want to say anything anymore, my mind was a daze, I cant see anything, all i feel is fire all around me, and my heart broken, I just waited for his next move.  As I started to feel pain on my legs, I look to notice that he started to scratch along my legs, tearing it to shreads.  Im sure im not going to be able to walk after all this...
Its still smiling at me, its enjoying my pain and suffering, it wants me to die, it wants me to feel nothing but pain.  All I remember now is passing out at that point, the only thing I heard after that was Lianna laughing...

"Is that all you got to tell us?"

"Yes...thats all I remember...." I stared up at the doctor, i know he knew i was mad, no one will believe me...
"Do you know how you got the mark on your back?"
"....the circle...with the "X" in it....he left it there...."

"Why do you think he left it there?"

"To remind me...that all of that did happen....he wants me to suffer for the rest of my life...."

"Are you sure you didnt do that to yourself?"

As he said that i just ignored it, and turned away from him.
"If you are not going to listen to me...then leave"
The doctor didnt say anything and just left, I can hear him talking about me to my family outside of the room, i move around in my wheelchair closer to the tv.  I turn it on.

"it will never be over...he will finish me off soon...but when..."
Lol wow, the first time i ever uploaded anything I've written XDD

My grammer is shit, so ignore it XDD

A little fun story for a friend of mine, he is terrified of Slenderman, so why not scare the shit out of him with a story?

I know its long and such XDD I never uploaded any stories before, sooooo Dont Hate meh!
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i kept laughing at the 'Creepypasta' part
i said it outloud to my friend and she stared at me like, WHAT THE FUCK?
It was funny..
but the story was very creepy
and awesome :D
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P.S. if anyone reads my comment before (or after i guess) reading this, its better if you finish the whole thing. i think it wouldve given me nightmares if i hadnt read the ending XD
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Like you said, your grammar is bad, but honestly, its better than most.

There where a few errors here and there, and at times the flow seemed a bit choppy at times, but other than that is was really good.

Some things that really got me where the opening, where he said his name, some thing I would have done, would have been something along the lines of this:
"C'mon, play the game, its just a game, nothing will happen to you...."

Summer finally came! Even though I live in Oregon, and its still cold and damp, and its nice to have some little sun every once in a while, and I take a step outside of my house to greet my friends at Woodmancy Park.

My name is Jon Low, I am a normal 19 year old boy with friends and a huge imagination, my friends tend to tell me that I am a wuss and all, but I consider myself brave and strong to prove them wrong.

As I continue riding my bike to the park, I can see my friends in the distance. I see Kenny, Melanie, Nichole with Kyle standing next to her, and someone else, as I get closer, I see the other person to be Lianna, my girlfriend, who is visiting me from California, I couldn't wait to start the day!

Some of the things I changed made the flow sound smoother, like if you were talking, I always write like I talk , commas and periods in the places I pause.

I really don't know if you wanted a critique, but these are just things that, If you ever wrote another story, to think about C:

Either way, this story had me pretty scared, and alert by the end, it doesn't help that I am up all alone with the lights off xD

alexkross321 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
... You scared me D:
Syd-Nick Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Dude ;n; I haven't played Slender yet, I'm too scared to try DX
jonbond92 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for almost killing me. :D
Shikishial Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
That was actually really good. And aww, I die. xD
RedstarRules42 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Paranoia before reading this: 45.3% complete.
Paranioa AFTER reading this: :iconover9000plz: It's over 9,000.
ridawg Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Ahhh, I love reads that have very descriptive torturing and killing, I'm a bit of a sick bastard that way. Nice story
FluffyTheBlueWolf Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Holy crap.... I should not have read this late at night... I had to stop reading halfway because I was getting freaked out D:
This is really good, ah I wish I could finish it but I'm scared D:
DarkElementEX Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Peddiepie :D
FenneAdaekhol Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student General Artist
I just watched Spotty playing Slender.... O.e My friend is nearly in tears..
ejgecko Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student General Artist
FenneAdaekhol Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student General Artist
I love this! It's a great story! I love how you had him live in the end, instead of just letting him die. And with Lianna, that was really good! Great job!
TlGER-STRlPES Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is simply amazing! Great job! You should get MrCreepypasta to read this. C:
Halloween1313 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Haha, that was really cool! I'm too scared to try to play the game though >w>
SLunaraS Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
Are you gonna make a part two?
MissKittens Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
i dont think so XD just going to end it here :3
artistjess Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
o_o wow...

... dang...

that's really scary...

*static* e_e
NatureZone108 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
scared? no :XD: why do people get scared when they read? lol but I love that game its hilarious
firefox939 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im not going to sleep tonight...
SugarPlumKitty Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really good,although I did see some faulty grammar,but it wasn't too big of an issue. c:
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